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Science@Leuven Scholarships

The Faculty of Science and its alumni association Science@Leuven are proud to announce the Science@Leuven Scholarships!

Registration for 2017-2018 is closed!

VIDEO Kaveh Lahabi

Kaveh Lahabi was awarded the Science@Leuven Scholarship in 2011-2012. He graduated magna cum laude in July 2013 as Master in Physics. Watch the interview on YouTube


DSC01513.JPGNa Wang, the first international student that was awarded a Science@Leuven Scholarship at the Faculty of Science, introduces herself. Watch the video on YouTube




International Students

Spencer Fox (Ba Biology, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,USA):

"The type of research that we do in Leuven is actually quite similar compared to what I have been doing in America. And there's large collaborations with many different international people. The biggest difference in Belgium is that you're actually interacting with these international people face to face. And so you get a lot of different cultures interacting. And it's interesting to see how the different cultures come with different ideas for research projects."


Sajjad Saeed (PhD Climatology, Pakistan):

"In Leuven, I never have the feeling that I am living in a country where people’s first language isn’t English. Everybody is happily speaking English. Leuven is an ideal place for international students"