29th of March 2017

Science evening with honorary doctor Ruth DeFries at KULAK

Ruth DeFries is professor ecology and sustainable development at Columbia University in New York. She receives her honorary doctorate at KU Leuven on March 31th.

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30th of March 2017

Thematic day research-science-society

Which role does the Faculty of Science play in the social debate? Which role does the Faculty of Science play in the quality and efficiency of science education? Discover this and many more themes during our thematic day.

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31th of March 2017

Honorary doctorate Ruth DeFries

DeFries is a topresearcher with a large scientific and social impact. She is specialized in characterizing the anthropogenic signature (deforestation, urbanisation,...) of the land surface by remote sensing.

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20th of May 2017


Discover our faculty and be a scientist for one day: listen, observe, but most of all EXPERIMENT.

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16th of September 2017

Company festival

a real festival with activities for every age, music and performance and off course delicious street food.

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10th of October 2017

Honorary doctorate Cédric Villani

Cédric Villani, director of the 'Institut Henri PoinCaré' in Paris and professor at the University of Lyon, is one of the leading mathematicians in the theory of partial differential equations and winner of the field medal. Besides being a topresearcher, Villani is the "chouchou" of the French media and the ambassador for math worldwide. Le Grand Journal of Canal+ announced Cédric Villani last year as “la rock star des mathématiques”.

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Jet Propulsion Theatre

Jet Propulsion Theatre, led by dr. Andrea Brunello (physics) and the Arditodesio Theatre Company, aiming to translate science to theatre.

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December 2017

Christmas lecture

> Christmas Lecture 2016: aankondiging feestjaar

More information on the Christmas Lecture 2017 will follow


Of course Scientica celebrates this year with us. Discover the activities organized by our coordinating fraternity.

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