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imc information multimedia communication

imc information multimedia communication AG

Imc information multimedia communication AG’s integrated product portfolio comprises solutions in the fields of learning and talent management, eLearning content, authoring and publishing, business process guidance, smart shows and video as well as massive open online courses (MOOCs). The product portfolio represents flexibility, customer- and process orientation and the efficient use of cloud technologies.

Moreover, imc has rich experience of participation in and managing of national and international research projects. With its partners imc investigates new trends in learning technologies and creates prototypes of new learning software. The focus lies on the development of new tools and innovative prototypes in the fields of learning management systems, MOOC software systems, content management, performance support, authoring tools, Web 2.0 applications, Social Learning as well as web-based and mobile platforms. Examples are projects such as MIRROR (Reflective Learning at Work), ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments), CROKODIL (Self-regulated Learning in Web 2.0), OpenScout (Open Content for Management Education), Software-Cluster, Go-Lab (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School), RHAPSODY (Research for Assessment of Policies and Strategies on Dementia in the Young) and many others (see overview at

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Project team

Ms Uta Schwertel, PhD, who works as a Research Manager at imc AG, leads the project team at imc.

A Senior Research Professional at imc, Ms Mareike Schmidt, PhD, is also involved in the project as she is an expert for implementing and extending MOOC software solutions to diverse application scenarios.


Learning Platform

Imc AG is mainly responsible for the Learning Platform that will be created to not only host the MOOC, but also to incorporate links to the other deliverables.

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